Thomas Seignette

Web Developer

After an engineering degree in computer science in 2019 and passionate about the Web since forever, today I put my skills at your disposal.


I specialize in front-end development and web integration. If necessary, I also have back-end development skills.

My favorite tools: Angular, TypeScript, HTML, Sass, Hapi.js, Node.js, Sequelize, MySQL.

The tools you use are not on this list ? No problem! If the project is interesting, I would be happy to find out more about it and discuss it with you.

As a signatory of Wake up call on the environment, a student Manifesto and a member of 1% for the Planet, I am committed to working on projects that do not go against today's environmental and social issues.

Some projects


Freelance AngularTypeScriptHTMLSassHapi.jsNode.jsMongoose


Internship AngularJSHTMLSass